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is an art project that serves as a communication project between the participating , the , and
Interview Martin Voorbij
Show Your Hope introduction film in Istria
Show Your Hope in Banja Luka
Mr travels around the world giving blank canvasses to artists and asking them to visualize their idea of . When the painting is finished, Martin collects the behind it order to share it during one of the mobile exhibitions, or at his home in the in Eindhoven. Over stories have been collected since .

This website serves as the digital archive for the project and as a tool to keep you up to date of its current whereabouts.
The old website, with all of the historical information of this project, can be found here
Between and we have collected almost paintings from artists all over the world. They all made a painting about , the universal and positive emotion.
After all these years we had a great program in with school activities and a final Balkan program. However, is a strange year and most of the program was cancelled. Support for art project are mainly used for new activities and/or for young artists. We we are neither after 18 years of .

Also future projects are uncertain, which has made us . We will see if serious proposals come up in order to show the complete collection.
Meanwhile we ended the program with some small presentations in Netherlands and a extended program in Slovenia. However, we arrived 2 days before lockdown and recorded a large number of stories in 6 video sessions.

You can find the first recording on the right here, view the rest on the , our long term and fantastic partner in Slovenia.
Over paintings showing have been collected since
Wall Between Us
by Valon Peci
by Vlora Peci
by Shefqet Abrazhda
Here are three of them, randomly selected.
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We have traveled to countries, sharing the stories of with thousands of people

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