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Our Aim?

“To and share universal beauty through arts, music, language, media and make many people participate and enjoy it.” − Martin Voorbij

The Mobile Global Exhibition

is a traveling, story telling, exhibition with over 900 paintings from all over the world. Each participating artist is given a blank canvas and asked to paint their view on . The paintings are put on display at the Inkijkmuseum and are shown around the world during one of our mobile exhibitions where they are velcro'd to the side of our trusty DAF truck and shown to the public. Each painting comes with its own story, which is told during the exhibition.

We consider this world as a great place, with enormous variety, very good potential and endless beauty. At the same time we see new dilemma's and questions coming up every day. Questions about environment, poverty and health, technological progress, armament, refugees, minorities, native people, European integration, terrorism, travel and tourism, economics. Many of these issues shine through in the paintings and their stories. By including paintings from vastly different artists with each their own unique background we paint a picture of these issues from many different perspectives.
We that you realize that most of these perspectives reflect on

The DAF truck, originally built in our hometown Eindhoven

Truck with martin

Where have we been?

Since 2003, we have been in 45 countries, showing paintings from 135 nationalities - all with a universal expression about . We presented in Romania for schoolkids and in Iran's national House of the Artists. We presented at many of the large music events in Europe, in alternative artshouses in Berlin and in Mali. At many schools in Holland, art clubs, open gallery days, private locations. We have been in war torn Sarajevo and Kosovo, met the art scene in Istanbul and on the Cronwall cliff. We reached Belarus, Albania, Georgia and Azerbeidjan. over 250.000 people responded to our balot system in order to stimulate communication. It has always been our aim t present on all continents, and then the project is completed. The exhibition now runs for over 15 years and probably it needs another 5 years to complete the physical goal: present in North and South America and visit Africa.

A representation of our journey around the world

Syh map overview

Where are we?

The project is coordinated from the historical "Spoelhuis" (washhouse) in our hometown Eindhoven, Netherlands. It is knows as Inkijkmuseum. This is where the project maintains a public storage for the hundreds of paintings. It also functions as gallery, mini hostel, classroom and micro cinema. It is our desire to visit many of universal memories, products, or aquaintences in the world and present it as micro kosmopolitic location.. Presumably more participantes in Netherlands will join, as people in places we visited and those who find this interesting or those who found us purely through cyber space.

Our home base, the old "Spoelhuis" next to the Dommel in Eindhoven, The Netherlands


The multi-functional museum room of the Inkijkmuseum, with a changing collection of paintings on the walls